DIAAWe recently went to the Cascade Park and did a photo shoot with Angie’s co-worker and her daughter. This was one of the first times I have ever had someone meet us at a certain time and place with the intention of photographing them; a PHOTOSHOOT right? I took a few minutes and scoped out the park for great places with good lighting and found a ton of great spots. This is an ideal park because there are a lot of trees that spread the light around but not so many that they block too much. Overall, I took about 140 pictures and ended-up with about 20 shots that I would consider “keepers”. We also had a good test of the equipment because I fiilled-up my 512mb compact flash card and nearly drained my Canon 300D battery.

With the success of this shoot I’m considering taking-on a few more assignments and getting excited about usinig photography to pay for some new and improved photography equipment!

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