Wedding Collage

One of the best things about photography is the ability to tell a story with a vast amount of detail in a fairly small amount of time. You can share images with someone and they can view the moments that make-up the day as if they were there. For people that were part of the time captured then they can often relive the time with the glance of an image. If you read my site you will notice that I take a lot of pictures of my daughter Amelia and when I look back at the past 19 months of her life I can relive in a few minutes a few of the moments have made the past two years some of the very best ever.

One of the main goals of event photography is to capture the story of the day. A wedding day is often one of the most memorable days of our lives and as a photographer it is very cool to be able to capture the day with images that really capture the story of the day and all the important chapters throughout the day. I was recently the photographer for our friends; Mark, Dianne, and Isabella. The image above was put together to remember the role of Mark’s Mother in the wedding and in particular the amazing song she sang to her son and daughter-in-law during the wedding. I felt honored to be a part of it and I really think that the image says it all.

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