It is amazing how versatile you can be with a career in photography. Maybe a better word would be broad or skilled. Many people are gifted writers but if you leave all of the writing on your word processor (who uses diaries anymore) then nobody would ever really know about it. What would a musician be if he/she only sang in the shower. Similarly with a photographer is you take the worlds most beautiful images but leave them on your computer or never develop the film (who uses film anymore) then that is where it all stops. It is a goal of mine to keep advancing my career by learning as much as I can about ways to share my images and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy capturing them. A friend of mine refers to our entire media business as Visual Art and I think it is quite appropriate.
I appreciate everyone stopping by my site so I can share all of the stories and memories that I encounter and capture during this amazing career.

Speaking of sharing images. Check-out a few here from this weekends wedding.

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