Amelia with Shades

We have been keeping very busy lately which really makes it interesting for keeping it up with my blog. On one side I have so much that I want to share and on the other I don’t have quite as much time as I would like to share it all! One of my favorite shoots came recently when I was asked to shoot a theater production at the Kent Theater in Cedar Springs. Scott Phillips wrote and directed a comedy called Fish and Visitors and it was a RIOT. Check-out some of my favorite shots here.

Another one of my favorite shoots was of the Michigan Water Polo State Championships. I shot all 12 games there and it was a thrill. Water Polo is challenging but a ton of fun to shoot with all of the water splashing adding to the effects of the shots.

Most recently I was actually IN a wedding. What a beautiful wedding too on the Island on Nantucket off from Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We stayed for a week there and spent a lot of time exploring. My cousin was married there and it was certainly a destination wedding for the stars. We were honored to be there to say the least. I’ll be posting a slide show from our trip in the next couple of days.

Above you’ll see in pictures that Amelia was happy to be home from our trip!

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