Bike Start @ Johans

One of the interesting things about Ironman training is the peak period, which is also known as the taper. Basically, you put in all of the training and build up to the highest training volume of the year and then bring it down over a 3-week period. It sounds easy enough but I think it’s more Art than Science, maybe a little Psychology in there too! I have been able the train the most consistently and with the most overall volume this year which gives me confidence that in 8 days I’ll be able to have a great race in Lake Placid! However, sitting here in the middle of the taper not quite feeling like I can rip the crank arms off from my bottom bracket lets in a few of those seeds of doubt. The taper will continue and with my experience I know it will work and I’ll be in Lake Placid, READY TO ROCK!

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