The old number 1 is a reference to the movie Major League.  Classic movie for sure and the fact that it’s about the Cleveland Indians brings it close to home.   

People start websites for various things, and for us it is to share with people some of the great things that the Chandler Family is doing these days.  It is a good thing that we enjoy photography too so our adventures are documented in a colorful fashion. 

Chandler:  is who we are.

Adventure:  is what we do. 

I think that you get the most out of life once you realize that life is an adventure and all of the things that take place along the way are simply that; your life, your adventure.  I believe that as a family we treat each day as an adventure and also take as many opportunities for real world adventures.  We don’t necessarily try to over analyze the meaning of life but simply do our best to understand that life is all about the adventure and that each new day brings a new adventure. 

“Adventure happens the moment  you walk out the door.” Dean Karnazes’ Grandmother

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