Home Loop

When we were looking to buy a home it was important to find a location where we could really enjoy the outdoors. For me that meant I needed a good running route and a location convenient to trails and good cycling roads. We have been very fortunate that is for sure. I have a route that starts at my driveway and is exactly 6.5 miles [with many more miles available] on mostly lightly traveled dirt roads. The route gains and loses about 690 feet of elevation which can be pretty challenging and when it’s not you have some great fitness.


There is more to this loop than the terrain or the proximity. I have been running with Amelia and she usually sleeps anywhere from 50 to 95% of the ride but smiles the entire time that she is awake. It’s a blast having her along. We get to run past Mr. Heim’s residence then head past Mrs. Gloria outside maintaining her beautifully landscaped yard. Next we head down Hotchkiss and listen to all of the tree frogs in the bogs and look for someone to say “hello” to. Next we turn right and head up the longest climb of the day. I don’t get a chance to talk much in this section but there is usually a nice person at the top of the hill looking at us like we’re crazy [votes not in whether we are or not!]. Next is the great section downhill that I’ve coined “Cow Pie Lane” and the first of the Stewart Farms. Mr. Stewart is retired from farming and leaves the work to his kids. He is always good for a wave and lives around the corner from his brother the other Mr. Stewart. We run past Petey the friendly dog and then we head toward home. The HOME LOOP feels like HOME.

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