We just arrived home from a spur of the moment vacation to St. Louis, Missouri.  We have never visited St. Louis for a vacation and chose it this year for a few reasons:
1        It was within a 7-8 hour radius by car. 
2        It was in the direction where we could find warm weather. 

3        Lots to do (a lot of that for FREE). 

We booked a hotel on www.priceline.com  $46/night for the Marriot Renaissance right downtown.  We packed a lot into our trip and also made sure we packed in a lot of quality time with Miss Amelia.  A few of the highlights were the Shaw Botanical Gardens and with so many GREAT photo opportunities we had to go back for a second trip!  We also had a great time at the St. Louis Zoo.  It is an amazing zoo and part of Forest Park which is a huge park with tons of municipal attractions in addition to green space and really cool bike and foot trails.  We checked-out the Arch which is truly amazing and over 600ft in the air.   They have a cool museum and also IMAX theatre for viewing the shows you normally see at the full-fledged IMAX dome theatres.  They also have some heavy-duty “airport” type security.  We decided not to spend the $10 each to ride to the top so another free day.  We visited the Anheiser Busch Brewery and it was a great time and for as large as it is they keep the place immaculate.  At the end of the tour you get to choose two glasses of a wide variety of beers.  Another stop that we made was at a brewery called Schlafly Bottleworks.  We really enjoyed it there and thought that the beers were certainly good, not quite good enough to write home about but the brewery and people were well worth it.  We did however really like the Tap Room by Schlafly where we stopped by for dinner and special Scottish Ale that was phenomenal.  They also had the best dessert that we have ever had called STP (Sticky Toffee Pudding).  Our daily adventures started-out each day in search of coffee!  We had a lot of fun and eventually found our favorite coffee place called the St. Louis Coffee Oasis where we befriended the owners and immigrants from the country of Jordan.  They served outstanding home roasted coffee and great food and desserts.

Overall this ranks right up there with our top adventures.



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