The North Country Trail Relay is more than a race; it’s definitely a Chandler Adventure. This was our 3rd time at this race and our first overnight trip without Amelia… We arrived in Cadillac and had dinner with the full crew of 12 (2 teams of 6) plus a few ride along spectators.

Speeding Around the Track!

Next, we were off to the annual go-kart racing and ice cream, which is a load of fun.  There are a couple of really fast cars that make the racing a little tough but the rest of us had some good competition including one spin-out and some smoking of the tires during the skid!

I had the first leg of the race, which started at 6 a.m. I took off with 45 other racers and quickly settled into about 14th place. I ended-up passing 4 other racers during the segment and ended-up in 10th place. My 2nd leg was a few hours later and just the right amount of rest. I took off down a dirt road for about a ¼ mile where Pete was waiting at the trail entrance. He said, “There are two up ahead of you and one more if you really hustle”. It took me a good 2 miles of hard running to catch the first two and then with about 1 mile to go when I started to relax the pace just a little I spotted the next runner so I had to ramp it up even more. I made the pass and was pleased with my effort. My last segment was an easy and short road segment. I ran pretty well but the top end was gone from the previous efforts. Overall, I ran my best ever NCTR and finished all of my segments with a sub 7:00/mile average.

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