This past Saturday we headed down for the 25th running of the Borgess Half Marathon. The run is known as a fairly challenging and also as being great preparation for the Fifth Third River Bank Run. My Dad and Dan have both had great races afterward so off we went.

We arrived and pulled-out the camera to take a few pictures and for being amateur photographers we made a rookie mistake and brought a camera with a dead battery. We moved-on bundled Amelia into the comforts of her Chariot and headed to the race start.

I started the race pretty conservatively considering the fact that the first few miles are mostly downhill. The first part of the race took us through the small city until we ran into a very nice park around mile 4. Mile 7 as I heard all about was where the hills began. The first hill was the worst at about a half-mile long and fairly steep. All of my runs pushing Amelia uphill paid off and I ran well and was back up to speed quickly once we crested. Miles 8 through 10 carried us around a small lake and more park settings. At mile 12 I knew I had a chance to go under 1:35 [a pre race goal] but I was going to have to hustle! My final mile was a sub 7:00 which made me very happy. A quick sprint to the finish with waves and cheers from my GIRLS and I was home with a PR of 1:34.17. Good for 72nd place overall out of 840 and 12th place in my age group. Great race and one more sign that all of the training is putting me where I need to be for LAKE PLACID!

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