My business has shifted in the last couple of years to a much stronger emphasis on professional portraiture.  Being a professional photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan has it’s advantages since it is a thriving professional community and small enough to benefit from true specialization.  Many of my clients value my professional approach, timeliness, and hopefully the other important traits a good photographer needs.  For me it’s that I enjoy the interaction and providing a portrait of someone that maybe they couldn’t otherwise put into words but with a few minutes of getting to know them we can really come-up with a portrait or a snapshot in time that represents them well.  Some of my clients demand and appreciate a consistent photography style one one day to the next or often times months and years which has been the case for two of my favorite clients.  MVP Sports Clubs and Spectrum Health.  In particular the medical and legal professionals appreciate a consistent style.

I have been taking some time to read through a book from Paul Ekman about facial recognition.  I will most likely dedicate more than one post to his book and the topic of understanding facial expressions.  In the meantime, I will showcase a few professional photos that I think you may enjoy.

The following is Mr. Kent Riddle the CEO of Mary Free Bed.  A great client over the years.  A great example of how someone can have a professional look but with a modern style and mood to the image.  Much more than a head shot.


Since we had everyone in one location.  We also photographed the Board of Directors.

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