This is not exactly breaking news but it fits nicely with what has been on my mind lately.  Grand Rapids is an awesome town and I think a lot better than comparable cities.  I’m not just saying this because we have Founders Brewing Company either!  What separates Grand Rapids from other cities in my mind is the number of people that appreciate what we have and give back in amazing ways.  We all benefit!  Mr. Cook is one of those generous people and I was honored when I was requested to do the cover photography for his book, Sharing the Wealth by Michael Lozon.  The location was an easy choice considering it is one of the most heavily photographed locations in Grand Rapids and was provided courtesy of Mr. Cook.  The location I am referring to is the 1928 Spillman Carousel inside of the Cook Carousel Pavillion.  You get the picture.

I was very pleased with how the cover turned-out and to quote the author Michael Lozon, “The image was the final piece to the book”.  A nice honor and compliment that I truly appreciate.

If you have a chance check-out the book available through Baker Books.

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