Amelia on the Beach

We traveled down to Florida this past week to visit some of our family. The trip was a lot of fun and we were able to spend a lot of quality time together. Since the drive is so long we try our best to make an adventure out of the trip. This meant stopping off on the way down in Murfreesburo, TN and staying the night. In an effort to keep my Ironman training going I went for a ride and it was amazing. The only exception was the screeching tires of a car that decided that they couldn’t make it around me at the last minute. I guess it was a decent test of my reflexes as I went bombing off onto the road construction area unscathed.

One of the highlights of each trip is visiting St. Augustine. The city is a lot of fun to tour and the beaches are beautiful. This was Amelia’s second trip to the beach and she was able to get around pretty well. We were able to take one of my favorite pictures of her; which is the one above.

During our trip back we stopped off in Boone, North Carolina for a couple of nights. Boone and surrounding areas are beautiful and part of the “High Country”. The roads are perfect for cycling and Angie and I were both able to get in good rides. This picture was taken while during my ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and gives you an idea of the beauty of this area.

Cycling in Boone

Overall we were happy to be home and sleeping in our own beds but we’re looking forward to going back!

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