One of my favorite shoots from 2015 was for The Spectrum Health Medical Group.  Imagine the challenge of scheduling 13+ full-time medical professionals for a photoshoot.  If that’s a challenge in itself, let me tell you that it’s nearly impossible.  Therefore, we scheduled four on-site shoots and photographed the providers in ways that my awesome friends over at DDM Marketing could edit them into the final piece posted below.

It’s an awesome challenge to photograph subject in white and on white.

The next time you are a considering a group shot, consider doing it the way we did for West Michigan Obstetricians and Gynecologists (OBGYN).  My kind of Medical Photography.


SHMG_WMOBGYN_8.5x11Flyer_webSHMG_WMOBGYN_25.5x33Poster_webDCP_2575_webHey… Who’s this guy?

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