Amelia and David Ironman USA Expo

We made it safely to Lake Placid and this place is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  Smooth traveling and nice roads into town.  We have the whole IronCrew which includes Angie, Amelia, Mom and Dad and me.  This morning we met the Socie’s at the swim area where Dan and I did 1 loop of the swim.  The lake is glorious and the views are amazing.  We had a great swim and my peak is starting to feel like a peak.  About 33 minutes of swimming to complete the loop and then we were off to a great breakfast at the Black Bear Restaurant and then to register.  Registration is nice to have over and very simple especially when we do it this early.  The crew made some inspirational signs for me that one of the sponsors will display on the course.  I’m sure they will be a nice surprise during the day on Sunday!  We were all able to hang by the pool today at the hotel for some relaxing and I was able to watch the TdF from near the poolside.  How about that Floyd Landis?  whew.

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