Straits of Mackinaw

We had another spectacular CHANDLER ADVENTURE and I am proud to say that I completed the 4+ mile swim across the Straits of Mackinac.  All together there were 50 people swimming and in my group there were eight.  After having 50 mph winds at the bridge the night before the wind calmed and so did the waves for our swim.  After a warm send-off by Gov. Granholm we were on our way in the water in the comfortable 60’s.  We had a great group and we kept the pace comfortable the entire way.  I will tell you that you will never look at the Mackinac Bridge the same way after seeing it from water level.  Toward the middle of the swim the water temp dipped down into the upper 50’s and I was extremely happy that I was swimming in my new Aquaman full length wet suit.  The 2 hour 55 minute swim seemed to go by very quickly but the shore seemed to be just out of reach for just about the entire time.  The swim finish was great and my family was there to meet me too.

This was a great experience and one thing that I will never forget is all of those that helped support me with this swim.  This was a fund raising  effort for Mentor Michigan but to me it felt like an effort to support me and to be on my team.  It’s not possible to say enough about how great it was.

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