Long Touch Down

What a game we had in Michigan to close-out the high school regular season.  Two undefeated teams played what has come to be an annual grudge match.  Good game and now the real season starts for both teams.

What got me thinking was the image above.  When does a bad picture become a good picture.  Sometimes even a terrible picture can become a amazing picture.  Well, when?  The image above to me is what I consider to be a bad picture.  BUT, if it REALLY was then of course I wouldn’t post it let alone write about it.  As the daylight hours shorten in the fall it’s pretty tough to get images of the same quality that you could get early in the season.  You need light to get crisp frozen action shots.  The shot above wasn’t very sharp, kinda grainy, but it captures the action and tells the story.  If the image can tell the story to the viewer then that’s when it becomes a good picture.  If it tells an amazing story then it can still be a great picture.  WoW, what a tangent!  I’m thankful most of my images can tell a story and be high quality too!

STORY:  The image above was a 66 yard touchdown catch during one of the biggest high school games IN THE COUNTRY.

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